Our Fabrics

We use different fabrics for different ranges. Here you can find an explanation of the different fabrics as well as a definition of their special properties.

Organic Fabrics

Single Jersey

Single jersey is pleasant, like a date for drinks in the park with your friends – relaxed, airy, stretchable. The fine stitches make the fabric comfortable to wear and smooth against your skin. Because the fabric is so versatile we use it in different ways such as our single jersey, open end single jersey, single jersey with carbonization, and our jersey flamé. 

Open End Single Jersey

Is made of shorter fibers - making the fabric look firmer and more structured. We use this fabric mainly for our vintage looks.

Single Jersey with carbonization

Is less complicated than it sounds: The finishing process reduces the cellulose content of the fibers and makes them particularly soft. You'll find this cuddly yet loose fabric in our Ligull Regular and Ligull Oversized collections.

Jersey Flamé

Jersey Flamé burns for you and is particularly soft and cuddly. The Flamé effects are created by using a fancy yarn in the weft that has irregular thickenings or intentional color variations, creating a strong cross-structure.


The fancy one! In Jacquard knitting two rows of needles allow complex patterns of any kind in light or heavy quality. In Jacquard weave individual warp threads are lifted to create weave patter.

Cotton / Linen Mix

Linen is made of flax. It's a light and airy natural fiber. The smooth structure remains lint-free and is dirt-repellent. When mixed with cotton, we use the miracle-fiber as half-linen. This gives you a flexible, soft garment that doesn't wrinkle as much as solid linen, but retains its pleasantly cooling fabric effect.

Sweat Fleece / Terry

Sweat fleece, like American Fleece or Italian Fleece, is the larger twin of jersey – firmer, thicker, and a common base material for, you guessed it, sweatshirts. When the inside is brushed, the fabric gets that nice fluff that keeps you extra warm and circulates heat well. Unbrushed, sweat fleece is more airy, stretchy, and very comfortable to wear even in summer. While on the one hand the yarn is already dyed in the desired color before processing, we often also opt for a resource-saving dyeing process in which the finished sewn garment is dyed as a whole (garment dye).

Double Face

Best of both sides: Double Face is a double fabric and can be used on both sides. An extremely soft yet thin option, the fabric gives our Cosy Range soft comfort and lets the fabric drape loosely. In our Noitch sweaters, we combine Double Face to a warm, soft wool mix on the outside and an even softer cotton jersey mix on the inside – more softness, no itch.

Cotton Velours

Cotton Velours has that certain something: a light shine, special softness and made of 100% organic cotton. Due to the short pile of fibers, the fabric is very durable and retains its shape at the same time. By the way, his nickname is "Nicky".


Twill is also called twill by us because it translates to "Köper" in German and you'd think we're talking nonsense. The best known twill is called "denim" (which you might've heard of). It's very durable which is why we use it for wide, comfortable cuts like in our Stransit collection. Depending on the thread density and the used material, twill can be durable, loose, smooth or extra soft. The weave is characterized by the diagonal lines on the surface of the material. In combination with cotton it is used as cotton-twill in our pants, shorts, caps and jackets and gives the pieces a partly soft feel while remaing robustand good looking. Typical twill! 


Interlock is as durable as it sounds. The fabric threads are knotted together this makes the fabric particularly elastic and durable but at the same time it remains soft to the touch.

Other Fabrics


Viscose is also called artificial silk and is a man-made fber based on natural cellulose fibres. It makes our shirts soft with a casual, flowing drape. At the same time, the fabric conducts heat away from the skind and offers you a pleasant wearing comfort. And all this without the difficulties silk tends to bring with it: there is no need of being afraid of shrinking your viscose shirts in your washing machine and there is also no need to iron them after washing.


The seasonal favorite has a particularly soft knitted structure. Small loops are formed during production, which are cut off and roughened. As a polar fleece, this gives you an extremely soft, lightweight yet durable fabric that provides you of great insulation for layered looks. Its fluffier buddy is called teddy fleece and is extra thick due to longer fibers.

Recycled Polyester

Because garments should not only look good, but also be easy to care for, durable and preferably low maintance, we mix some natural fibers with polyester. It is versatile, fine, strong, grippy and simply an all-rounder. We use it as a 100% recycled product in order to save water and energy and turn PET bottles into something nicer than trash.

2L / 3L Polyester

This is the stuff outdoor dreams are made of. 2-layer and 3-layer polyester are now indispensable for the breathable all-rounders in the sector of functional clothing.
2-layer Polyester variants combine a robust, structured outer fabric with an inner membrane layer that takes over the water-repellent function. Many of our functional jackets are made of this duo.
In the 3-layer variant, an additional, tightly woven tricot fabric protects the membrane layer from the inside and gives you a comfortable feel. Thus, the jacket remains very technical and flexible, such as our NordWest jacket.

Nylon Dobby

Might sound cute, but it's strong, sturdy and exactly the kind of durable, water repellent, beathable fabric we need for our high-quality winter parka (Reset). Polyamide (Nylon) is a high-quality man-made fibre that is popular in outdoor and functional applications. It is easy to process - as you can model it according to the properties you want. It is robust and has a high resistance.


Ribstop is tough. Two thick yarns of, in our case, 100% recycled polyester are joined to form a checkerboard fabric that is stain resistant and very resilient. Perfect for our jackets, hip bags and purses.